5 Tips To Improve Your Landscape Design

Did you know that good landscaping design can add value to your property? Recent research by Michigan University discovered that good landscape design as judged by plant type, size and design sophistication increased perceived home value by 5-11 per cent. Additionally, a Perth based research firm discovered that adding a broad-leafed tree to the front yard of a property could raise the value by about $17,000.

What is your current landscaping doing to the value of your property?

If your drab and boring landscaping is lowering the value of your property and outdoor lifestyle, here are some expert tips that you can accomplish this weekend to quickly improve your garden.

1 Edging Matters - It is amazing the difference that edging your lawn can have. If you are spending all of your time mowing the lawn and not giving enough attention to edging, you have your balance all wrong. One successful technique that some landscapers use is to spend five minutes less time mowing and use that extra time to ensure that the edging is precise and striking. Well-manicured edging helps frame your garden and can elevate the presence of your home in the neighbourhood.

2 Outdoor Bean Bags While bean bags are normally associated with a comfortable family living room, have you ever thought of introducing bean bags to your backyard? While dragging your bean bag out of your home and plopping in the middle of your lawn would not be a wise move, there are purpose-made outdoor bean bags that are waterproof and UV-resistant. Everyone knows how lounging in a bean bag is both comfortable and relaxing. Team it up with a great outdoor view and you might have just created the best seat in your house. Many five-star resorts use waterproof bean bags and loungers in poolside settings, is it time for you to add an outdoor bean bag to your backyard?

3 Start Small - While we have all seen garden renovation shows where there is a dramatic landscape transformation in just 48 hours, is that a reality? If you look behind the scenes, there can be up to 100 people working on the project, plus days of planning and design work has occurred before filming has started. So for a more realistic approach to tackling your garden, think small. It is amazing the impact that even planting one small bush in your backyard can make. Set aside one hour each weekend to make a subtle change to your garden. Over time as your garden develops you will be able to see what style works best for you and which elements are not practical. This slow approach will also ensure that you are not too tired and exhausted and revert to taking shortcuts.

4 Use Online Garden Design Tools - If you want to fast-track the design of your garden, there is an abundance of online landscape design tools that can speed up the process. Even if you do not have an extensive knowledge of plant species, soil conditions and council requirements, these tools provide you with an easy way to flesh out your ideas so that you can get your ideas down on an easy to share document. Most tools allow you to export in a simple format that you can then share with landscape architects, contractors and landscape material supply companies.

5 - Engage The Services Of A Landscape Designer - While you may have some creative ideas about the personality and style of your perfect backyard garden, have you given proper consideration to the location and specific environmental aspects of your property. Every property has a unique ecosystem. Qualified landscape designers have undertaken training to be able to assess the unique soil properties, environmental factors and site location of a property. Utilising this information, the landscape designer is then able to create a custom garden design that will thrive year after year. By creating a long-lasting landscape design, landscape designers actually offer excellent value for money for their services.

Who Is Dapple Landscape Design?

Based in Western Sydney, Dapple Landscape Design is a creative agency that provides innovative and affordable garden plans for private and commercial clients. With a proven track record of completing projects on time and above expectations, Dapple Landscape Design has established a reputation as one of the most recommended Sydney landscape design firms.

Whether you need a comprehensive overhaul of your landscape or just a simple garden plan for DA approval, Dapple Landscape Design has the creative expertise and industry experience to ensure a successful project.

If you are ready to transform your bland backyard into your own personal backyard resort, Dapple Landscape Design is the team you can rely on to breathe life into your dream landscape. Offering a complete range of garden design services, there is no job to big or small for the talented team at Dapple Landscape Design.

What Services Does Dapple Landscape Design Provide?

From the initial concept design through to the final project completion, the team at Dapple Landscape Design provide first-class customer service and clear communication. Enjoy professional garden design services that will surpass even the highest expectations.

If you would like to discover the innovative creativity of the Dapple Landscape Design team, you are invited to visit the company website today. Upgrade the appearance of your garden and enhance your outdoor lifestyle with a tailored landscape design by one of the most loved landscape designers. With garden plans from as low as $400, Dapple Landscape Design is a simple and affordable way to enjoy designer landscaping for your property on a budget.

Dapple Landscape Design

Address: Ellison Rd, Springwood NSW 2777

Phone: 0406 825 430

Website: https://www.dapplelandscapedesign.com.au/

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