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Would you like your outdoor space to look great even when the sun goes down? Come and see how you can master your landscape lighting so that your garden is always put in the very best light.

When you have invested so much effort into designing and bringing to life a spectacular landscape, you want to make sure that it looks great with the flick of a switch. Following are some key landscape design principals to ensure that you can master your outdoor lighting.

Key Landscape Lighting Principals

The No UFO Principal - When lighting up trees make sure that you light up both the crown and the trunk. If you fail to light up the trunk, the foliage will look like a hovering disk of light in the air that may get the neighbours calling for UFO hunters.

Pools, Not Oceans  Instead of illuminating every aspect of your landscape in a blinding ocean of light, create pools of light that contrasts with areas of darkness. Space out the pools of light so that the eye is led from one aspect to the next.

Create A Focal Point  What in your landscape deserves maximum attention? Is there a dominant tree? A water feature? Innovative landscape architecture? If there is an element in your landscape that deserves extra attention, aim multiple lights at it from different angles. By showering light on the element from various angles it will prevent harsh shadows.

Use Multiple Lighting Types  Utilise various lighting styles including wash, bullet, garden, well, downlight and floodlights to create excitement and focal points throughout your landscape.

How Do You Light A Large Tree?

Spotlights are key for highlighting the depth and height of a large tree that you want to accentuate in your backyard. Depending on the type of tree, you will need to illuminate it in various ways. If the diameter of the canopy exceeds 10 meters, consider using two or more uplights so that the light penetrates through the branches to add depth. Experiment with various angles to see which setting works best for your landscape. Recognise that over the years as your tree grows you will need to adjust the angles of the lighting and possibly even the function of the lights to adjust to the new size of the tree.

What Wattage Should Landscape Lights Be?

Lighting up your landscape should not cost an arm and a leg. Lighting designers recommend the best wattage for outdoor lights is 80 watts or lower. This mid-range wattage lighting offers gentle lighting solutions that are approved by the International DarkSky Association. For small pools of light for pathways and bushes, lights that are 40 watts and lower provide adequate lighting that is still kind for the environment.

How Far Apart Should Path Lights Be Spaced?

Lighting professionals recommend that path lights should be spaced about every two to three meters so that the pathway is evenly lit. There are a lot of solar-powered pathway lights that offer excellent value for money lighting options. If the pathway is rocky and dangerous, consider installing lights every meter to ensure that the pathway is vividly illuminated to prevent risks of falls.

Should You Use A Professional Lighting Expert?

Landscape designers have a thorough understanding of lamp types, light outputs, beam angles, colour temperatures (CCT), colour rendering indexes (CRI) and LED Lamp life (L70). If all of this seems a bit overwhelming, engaging the services of a professional landscape designer can be a savvy decision.

Not only can a landscape designer ensure that your lighting system is customised to provide you with an energy-efficient and low-maintenance system, but they can also create a flow between the interior and exterior of your property.

One of the big differences between a residential garden designed by an amateur and a professional is the appearance of the lighting. If you would like your landscape to stand out from the crowd and add genuine value to your property, getting a professional landscape designer onto the project is something that you would never regret.

Who Is Dapple Landscape Design?

Since 2013, the team at Dapple Landscape Design has been creating unique outdoor spaces that blend contemporary creativity with traditional luxury. Offering a range of services suitable for all types of budgets, Dapple Landscape Design has quickly become one of the most recognised landscape design firms in Sydney.

Lead designer and company director, Julian Saw, has experience at the forefront of the industry providing one-off designs for high-end residential customers from all over the Greater Sydney region.

As a full-service design studio, Dapple Landscape Design can handle every aspect of major landscape design and renovation projects for both residential and commercial projects. With a proven track record of success, Dapple Landscape Design has established itself as industry innovators.

Their services include, but are not limited to:

To explore the full range of services the team provides as well as discover some of the recent projects the team has completed, please visit the company website today.

Where Does Dapple Landscape Design Service?

Based in Western Sydney, Dapple Landscape Design has a large back-catalogue of successful projects throughout Sydney, the Blue Mountains and surrounding suburbs. As the team also offers online consultations, you can take advantage of their budget-conscious garden design services from anywhere in Australia. Visit the landscape design online page to see how you can make the most of the class-leading Dapple Landscape Design online garden design services.

Dapple Landscape Design

Address: Ellison Rd, Springwood NSW 2777

Phone: 0406 825 430


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