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If you have ever searched for solid timber furniture online, you will undoubtedly marvel at the exquisite beauty of some of these unique pieces. 

From the glowing grain of the timber that weaves as it runs down the lines of the furniture to the unique knots and bulges, furniture crafted from wild timber oozes personality and an earthiness like no other material.

Would you like to create your very own timber furniture from a tree in your backyard?

Before you get too excited, you should consult with a qualified arborist in your region to confirm that cutting down that old tree in your backyard is actually legal. Many residents in New South Wales are not aware of how many native tree types are actually protected. So consult with your local arborist to make sure that the tree that you are eyeing off for a new centrepiece in your living room is not actually a protected species.

Once you have identified the type of tree, the legality of cutting the tree down and whether you can cut it down yourself or if it is essential to engage the services of a professional arborist, then you can get started with identifying what type of furniture you will make.

Following the felling of the tree, you will need to dry the timber. How long does it take for a standard slab of hardwood timber to air dry?

As a general rule in New South Wales, it will take about one year per 2.5cm of the thickness of the wood.

So if you were hoping to get your ghost gum tree cut down and crafted into a new dinner table in a long weekend, you are going to need a lot more time!

Once the timber is seasoned, dry and ready, then you can get the creative juices flowing. You will need vision to not only see your finished product but also to identify how to maximise the natural beauty of the timber.

Each limb of your tree will have unique characteristics for you to take advantage of. Take some time to envision how you can utilise the burls, twists and grains to create flow and points of interests in the finished product.

Realistically, this planning time is the make or break time of your project!

Avoid any limbs that have been subject to disease or rot.

Test each piece for rigidity and strength.

If you are going to bend any pieces to create curves, then you will need to follow the essential soaking procedures to allow you to mould the shape of the limbs. If at all possible it is much easier to choose natural bent limbs as opposed to using heated timber bending techniques.

Who Is Cutting Edge Tree Maintenance?

Based in Newcastle NSW, Cutting Edge Tree Maintenance are your local tree removal experts. The team of qualified arborists provide a complete range of tree care services for residential and commercial properties in the Newcastle region.

Visit the company website to request an arborist consultation.

Cutting Edge Tree Maintenance

Address:  42 Wakal St, Charlestown NSW 2290, Australia

Phone: (02) 4003 4400


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