How To Shop For Groceries Online In Sydney

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How To Shop For Groceries Online (From The Comfort Of Your Bean Bag)

We pay our bills online.
We communicate online.
We shop for bean bags online.

But when it comes to shopping for our groceries, we can put that into that small basket of things that we believe is easier to do in a brick and mortar store.

For years we have been raised to go to our local grocery store to complete our weekly grocery shop. We squeeze and sniff the fruit and vegetables to make sure we are getting the freshest produce.

Our generation has become so accustomed to shopping for groceries in a physical store that sometimes we think it must be too hard, too inefficient or just impossible to complete our grocery shopping online.

But is that really the case?

Can you save time, money and hassle by shopping for your groceries online?

This article will help you learn the right way for shopping for groceries online as well as provide you with some extra tips so that you can complete your online grocery shopping like a pro.

6 Advantages To Shopping Online

  1. You will not be tempted to buy those chocolates and lollies in the aisle
  2. You will not have to bribe your kids to be well behaved
  3. You will not have to fight for a parking spot
  4. You can get your shopping done in a fraction of the time
  5. You can enjoy a cup of coffee while you shop
  6. You can complete your shopping in the comfort of a bean bag

Obstacles To Online Grocery Shopping (And Solutions!)

Problem 1 - "I Want To Choose My Food"

Did you know that the main reason why many Australians do not shop online is because they want to see and choose the food for themselves? In a recent survey, 75.5% of shoppers said they avoid online shopping because they want to inspect, feel and smell the specific food that they are choosing.


Choose a grocery store that offers a freshness guarantee. Grocery stores understand that you do not want to end up with that bruised banana or squashed apple, so some Sydney grocery stores offer a freshness guarantee so that you know for certain that you are going to get the very best quality produce

Problem 2 - "Delivery Is Going To Be A Pain"

Life is busy. Scratch that, life is absolutely hectic. 

If you have ever been stuck waiting for a delivery driver to arrive, but just left waiting and waiting, you may be hesitant to order ice cream and diary items online. Having to drive to the grocery store, find a park, find your items and wait in a line sounds a lot less painful that negotiating a bag of melted ice cream and yoghurt that has been delivered to your door a few hours late. 

37.6% of consumers prefer the convenience of going to the shopping centre as they can arrange that time, whereas when you purchase online you are generally stuck to the schedule of the delivery driver.


Choose a grocery store that is experienced with online shopping and has a range of delivery options for your neighbourhood. Online shopping is meant to be convenient, so if the store does not offer convenient delivery services, what is the point. Thankfully, there is a wealth of Sydney grocery stores that deliver their food in refrigerated containers straight to your door. Back in the day, the milkman used to deliver milk to your door in the morning. The milk was always fresh and it was one less thing that you had to worry about. Likewise, shopping online is one way to ensure you receive the very freshest fruit, vegetables and grocery items without having to sacrifice extra time.

3 Tips For Online Grocery Shopping

  1. Make sure you add a delivery time
  2. Save your shopping cart so you can use it again next time
  3. Double-check the quantity (are you buying 1 piece of fruit or 1 kg of fruit?)

Who Is Maloneys Grocer?

With three boutique neighbourhood grocery stores in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Maloneys Grocer is a family-owned and operated business that is quickly becoming one of the most loved local establishments in Sydney. From the warm and professional service to the delicious range of imported cheeses, Maloneys Grocer is a foodies paradise.

When you wander the aisles of one of the three boutique supermarkets or peruse their online store you will be presented with a mouthwateringly delicious range of speciality grocery items, vegan treats, organic produce and locally sourced deli items.

The Maloneys Grocer online store offers a fast and convenient online grocery shopping experience that will leave you with a smile on your face. Whether you are looking forward to buying Darikay Hearty Chicken Soup, Maggie Beer Ice Cream or Inside Out Almond Milk, Maloneys Grocer has the gourmet grocery items that you are craving.

You will be happy to recommend Maloneys Grocer to your friends and family because the service is spectacular and the range has to be seen to be believed.

One of the reasons why so many families in the Eastern Suburbs love Maloneys Grocer is their awesome first delivery free offer. Sign up for an account on the Maloneys Grocer website, and get your first delivery for free. So if you would like to see whether grocery shopping online is as painless as has been described in this article, this is the perfect option for you.

Maloneys Grocer does not deliver to all suburbs in Sydney yet, so make sure that you check out their delivery region before your purchase.

Are you ready to try out online grocery shopping online?

Snuggle down deep into your bean bag, jump over to the Maloneys Grocer website and get your grocery shopping done without breaking a sweat.

Maloneys Grocer

Address: 4/490 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Phone: (02) 9331 3811


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