How To Test If Your Sydney Home Has Asbestos

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Are you worried that your family home might have asbestos-containing materials?

Whether you are renovating, adding an extension or painting your home, it is vital that you are aware if asbestos-containing materials are in your home.

According to the Sydney asbestos removal experts, about 1/3 of all homes in the Greater Sydney region contain friable and/or non-friable asbestos products.

Is there a simple test that you can complete to inspect whether your walls, roof or floor contains asbestos?

While experienced industry experts may have a hunch as to whether a material may contain asbestos or not, the only conclusive means of authoritatively identifying asbestos is through laboratory inspection.

Why Is It Important To Test For Asbestos In Your Home?

A recent study by the Australian Mesothelioma Registry has highlighted that 53% of new cases being diagnosed with asbestos exposure were from home renovations. As more and more families in Sydney undertake home renovations and extensions, it is vital that preventing asbestos exposure is carefully considered.

It is not worth DIYing your renovation if there is the potential for asbestos exposure. Asbestos causes debilitating and fatal diseases. Homeowners should carefully consider the risk to their health and the health of their family before they start sanding or working on any walls, ceilings or surfaces which may contain asbestos.

So how can you be certain that there is no risk of asbestos in your home?

Contact the team at D & J Kelly Building Co for a professional and cost-effective asbestos testing service in Sydney. With a team of the most highly skilled asbestos technicians in the region, D & J Kelly Building Co is the team you can rely on for providing you with the assurance that your property is free of hazardous materials.

Enjoy the confidence and satisfaction of mind knowing that your family is properly protected from asbestos exposure.

At least one in three homes in Australia contains some form of asbestos.

The technicians at D & J Kelly Building Co use state of the art methodologies to identify asbestos with the greatest accuracy. If you require a clearance certificate, the team will provide you with your needed documentation in a hasty fashion.

Visual inspections are available as well as laboratory analysis in a NATA approved facility.

Rates are affordable and service is professional.

Where Does D & J Kelly Building Co Service?

Locally owned and operated, D & J Kelly Building Co service all suburbs in the Sydney region. With a vast base of satisfied residential and commercial customers, D & J Kelly Building Co is raising the standard of asbestos testing in Sydney.

What asbestos service do you need?

Visit the company website today to book an appointment with the leading asbestos company in Sydney.

Asbestos Removal Sydney

Address: 61 Francis St, Richmond NSW 2753

Phone: 0414 733 357


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