How To Wash Your Persian Rug At Home

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There is no doubting that a hand-woven rug adds warmth and homeliness to a room. But if your Oriental rug is not properly maintained it can quickly become stained and appear filthy.

Professional rug washing experts recommend vacuuming your rug weekly to ensure that any harsh tannins and gritty particles are removed from the surface of your rug. But in order to remove stubborn stains and in-ground dirt which will eventually tear away the delicate fibres, it is essential to properly wash the rug.

How Can You Wash Your Persian Rug At Home?

Unfortunately, it is not as easy as it sounds.

In order to best understand the cleaning process, it is vital to comprehend how a Persian rug is constructed.

Rugs are manufactured on a loom, with each knot made by hand. The weaver ties the wool or silk around the warps using a unique knot construction. Once the row of knots is completed, the weft strand is tightly packed between two rows to keep the knots tightly enclosed together. The warp of the rug (the vertical strands that run up and down a rug) keep the rug intact and provide flexibility. The fringes of the rug are tied loose ends of the warp.

When you consider that each rug is a finely produced unique artwork, it makes sense why cleaning and maintaining the rug is so important.

If a rug is not properly cleaned, not only can the knots be pulled apart and undone, but the colours and dyes in the wool, cotton or silk can run and permanently damage the appearance of the rug.

So before you even think about cleaning your rug, there is a vital question you should ask yourself?

"Should you be cleaning the rug yourself?"

Experts recommend not only not cleaning the rug yourself, but only using professional rug cleaning firms with a good reputation. There is a lot that can go wrong when deep-cleaning a rug. Hence there are some horror stories of amateur carpet cleaners that have attempted to clean valuable wool rugs and have totally destroyed the rug.

So if you have a valuable, rare, precious or antique rug, you should not try and attempt to wash the rug yourself for risk of permanently damaging the fibres and unique patterns of the rug.

How To Find A Reputable Rug Cleaning Company

The simplest way to find a rug cleaner near you is to do a basic Google search. But there are a few simple steps you should undertake to ensure that your rug cleaning experience is not a disaster. Here are some questions that you should ask the rug washing company before you agree to their services:

It is easy to assume that since a company is advertising rug cleaning services that they must be professionally trained, but unfortunately there are no official qualifications for cleaning rugs in Australia. Because of this fact, there are a lot of carpet cleaning companies that use harsh chemicals and industrial strength equipment to clean even the most fragile Persian rugs.

So it is necessary that you only choose a local rug cleaning firm that specialises in washing hand-woven rugs.

When properly maintained and professionally cleaned, hand-woven rugs can last for centuries.

Basic Rug Maintenance Principals

Who Is Oriental Rug Care?

With a purpose-built facility in the Inner West of Sydney, Oriental Rug Care is the premier rug cleaning firm in Sydney. Specialising in advanced rug cleaning treatments and repair services, Oriental Rug Care utilises modern technologies and traditional hand-washing methodologies to provide first-rate results.

Family owned and operated, Oriental Rug Care provides attentive and professional service that you will be happy to recommend. With an abundance of 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook, it should come as no surprise that the team are widely regarded for setting the industry benchmark for workmanship and service.

As the rug cleaning technicians have been trained in advanced stain removal techniques, they can help restore your precious Persian rug back to near-new condition. Whether you have stubborn spots from a spilled Shiraz on your area rug or unsightly grease marks that will not come out of your lightly coloured Turkish rug, you can rely on the team at Oriental Rug Care to provide you with industry-leading spot removal services.

By properly maintaining your rug you can extend the lifespan of your valuable tapestry and enjoy passing it on to the next generation.

With a free pick-up and drop-offer service for the Eastern Suburbs and Inner West of Sydney, having your rug professionally cleaned has never been so easy.

Would you like to discover how affordable the rates are at Oriental Rug Care? Come and visit the company website today to request a free no-obligation quote. The team only need to know the size, current condition and cleaning process you would prefer. They will then provide you with a highly-competitive cleaning quote.

Would you like to explore the 12-step rug cleaning process that has ensured that Oriental Rug Care is the most highly recommended rug washing firm in New South Wales? The Oriental Rug Care website highlights the process as well as offering the very best advice, tips and suggestions to guarantee that your rug looks great year after year.

Oriental Rug Care of Australia

Address: 23 Shepherd St, Marrickville NSW 2204

Phone: (02) 9018 1510


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