The Best Travel Hacks For Backpackers In Sydney In 2020

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The Best Tips & Tricks For Backpackers In Sydney (2020 Edition)

There is no doubting that Sydney is one of the best places in the world for a backpacker to explore. With such a diverse mix of cultures, world-class dining and exquisite natural settings, Sydney offers unique experiences that you will not be able to have anywhere else in the world. If you are planning to come and visit Sydney you will not be alone, there are over 600,000 backpackers that visit each year.

But all of this beauty and marvel does not come cheap.

Did you know that there are some Sydney cafes that are now selling coffee for $16 per cup?

ONA Cafe in Marrickville is the home of amazing coffee creations from 2015 World Barista Champion, Sasa Sestic.

But if you are going to be paying $16 for a coffee, your backpacker budget is soon going to wear very thin.

So if you would like to still get the very best of Sydney, but extend your holiday budget, read on, because this article is going to help you find the very best tips and tricks for Sydney backpackers for 2019.

1. Do The Bondi To Coogee Walk 

 Even if you have only done two minutes worth of research, this magnificent coastal walk would already be on your to-do list. It is free. It is beautiful. It is the perfect way to spend an afternoon or morning.

2. Visit The Markets 

 Whether you want to visit the contemporary Paddington markets right in the heart of the city or the hipster Glebe markets, Sydney is ripe with elegant markets filled with creative and unique designs. Entry is free and there is no shortage of cheap eats and entertainment.

3. Check Out The Kings Cross Hostel Sydney Website 

While you can get some great deals on hotel comparison websites, the Jolly Swagman website offers the very best deals on backpacker accommodation in Sydney. Sign up to the newsletter for the latest deals and specials.

4. Take The Ferry 

 This is another budget-friendly travel hack that gets a lot of attention, and for good reason! This 30-minute journey provides you with world-class views for only a few dollars. Wake up early and join the masses travelling to work and you will be treated to a spectacular sunrise over the Pacific Ocean. Many travellers say that this form of public transportation is actually far more scenic than many of the tourist boats that travel the same route, though for the public ferry you will not have to splash out hundreds in cash.

5. Royal Botanic Gardens 

 If you want to escape the rat-race of the Sydney CBD for a few hours, the Royal Botanic Gardens is the perfect place to get a little taste of nature without having to travel a long distance. Check out the history of the Mrs Macquarie Chair and enjoy a wide array of local flora and fauna (just be careful of the bat droppings)

6. Cockatoo Island 

 You can enjoy a very unique island experience right in Sydney harbour. This former shipyard is the perfect place to get some unforgettable urban industrial photos for creating some travel envy on your Instagram feed. If you can time it right, there are also some great events that happen annually on Cockatoo Island as well.

7. Sign Up For A Dan Murphy Account

Alcohol is not cheap in Australia, but there are ways that you can get some very nice Australian craft beers and premium-quality wines without burning a hole in your wallet. Sign up for a Dan Murphys account on their company website. You will then be able to get some awesome member discounts on award-winning beers and wines. Dan Murphy stores are everywhere in Sydney, so it is simple to waltz down the road and take advantage of these awesome discounts.

Why Stay At Jolly Swagman Backpackers Sydney?
Free Services For Backpackers

The free airport pickup from Jolly Swagman can save you a bucketload of cash and frustration. Transportation in Sydney can be time-consuming and expensive, so this one little free inclusion is the perfect way to start your holiday. The free wifi and free breakfast will seal the deal if you are still a bit hesitant to book a dorm or private room.

Location, Location, Location

It is not until you actually get to walk around the streets of Kings Cross that you will appreciate how energetic this suburb is. If you are looking forward to exploring the nightlife in Sydney, this is the beating heart of the region.

The Jolly Swagman is situated perfectly to ensure you can maximise your time in Sydney. Located with close proximity to Bondi Beach, the Sydney CBD and a wealth of famous budget-friendly restaurants and cafes, this is the perfect place to base yourself during your Sydney adventure.

Affordable Rates 

The reason why you are checking out backpacker tips and tricks articles is because you want to save money whilst still having a blast of a time in Sydney. If you were looking at the best Michelin starred restaurants in Sydney, maybe promoting backpacker accommodation would not be the best fit for you. But because you are a savvy budget-conscious traveller, you are searching for travel hacks and budget-saving tips, staying in a Sydney hostel is the perfect option for your circumstances.

Jolly Swagman has been providing backpackers with awesome backpackers accommodation in the heart of the city for over 20 years. With a massive base of testimonials from travellers from almost every country on this planet, Jolly Swagman Backpackers Sydney has the rightful crown as the #1 hostel in the Greater Sydney region.

You do not need to settle for dingy hostels with dirty facilities. Stay at Jolly Swagman and enjoy a real Australian backpacking experience with a great crew of like-minded travellers. Make friends during the exciting social activities and get to explore Sydney like a local.

Come and check out the best rates on rooms and dorms on the Sydney hostel website today.

Jolly Swagman Backpackers Sydney Hostel

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